The author

He was born in the vicinity of Glorious Samye in the earth male monkey year of the fifth [60 year] cycle of the Tibetan calendar (1308 CE). He was the sovereign of the teaching of the Great Perfection’s three series, the second Samantabhadra arriving in the world. He trained perfectly in the stages of hearing, reflection and meditation. He reached the pinnacle of scholarship and accomplishment. He crossed to the other shore of the ocean of non-Buddhist and Buddhist textual systems. He mastered explaination, debate and composition. He was adorned with the sublime qualities of view, realization and samadhi. He attained illumination in the subject of scripture, reasoning and pith instructions. His vast intelligence was perfectly trained in the true meaning. He was enriched by hearing many discourses of the Sugata.

He comprehended the principles of Hinayana and Mahayana. He perfectly realized the nature of the Tripitaka belonging to the Cause Vehicle of Characteristics and the four or six divisions of the tantras of the Result Vehicle of Secret Mantra. He spontaneously comprehended the precious teachings of the Victor. He trained in the profound and vast topics, and entered the path of the essence of awakening. He realized the truth of the essence of luminosity and was learned in the principle of empty nonarising. He was blessed by the self-originated guru and received a prediction of achieving great buddhahood in a single life. Since the blessings of great compassion entered his continuum, he destroyed the mountain of deluded realism and emanated light rays of activities of benefiting others.

He donned the armor of diligence in benefiting himself and others with compassion. His qualities of abandonment and realization were immeasurable. He reached the absolute culmination of the yoga of the four visions of natural perfection [lhun grub] through the path of the Luminous Great Perfection. The one who went to the stage of the original dharmata [chos nyid] in a single lifetime, Gyalwa Longchen Rabjam, [will in the future be] the Bhagavan Sugata Sumerudipadhvaja. Read detailed biography here.